La Casa was created and opened in March 2004 as a tiny hole in the wall on an off street in Stevenson, WA. Having moved up from East L.A. to the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, the owner, Doreen, missed the taste of home. Our goal is simple: to share with you our life experience and family recipes that have evolved over a century of being in America. Our food is not "Traditional" Mexican cuisine because, although we do have roots, we are not from Mexico.


Through the love and continuous support of our local following, along with anyone passing through who have chosen to dine with us, we have been blessed enough to have moved to a more accommodating establishment, along with the opportunity to expand our diverse menu. We are a proud Mexican-American family sharing our portion of Latino culture with you. So come in, relax, and enjoy your time here as our guests. Mi casa es su casa.  



In loving Memory Wlodzimierz Napierala (Val)​


The Gorge's best So-Cal Inspired Restaurant 

Authentic to our style, bring southern California flavor to the beautiful Columbia  River Gorge.

TEQUILA — it makes me happy!

Made from Scratch
House made simple Syrup
Fresh squeezed Limes

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47 Russell Avenue, Stevenson Wa 98648
Monday-Saturday 8 Am to 8:30 pm
Sunday 8am to 2:00 PM


Serving Breakfast 


Monday to Saturday 8am to  Noon
Sunday 8Am to 2:00Pm